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The home with a heart

The youth who successfully complete the Awixa Group Home Program will achieve self-sufficiency, and someday be contributing members of society. Each child brought to our facility is offered a new beginning.



We don't let a tough upbringing stop the youth from achieving greatness

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Our long-standing philosophy is that all youth in care are both worthy of and entitled to a safe, supportive and nurturing environment; an environment where they will be able to realize their full potential.

Give the children a second chance at "the home with a heart"

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Awixa offers a safe environment where youth will have access to the community for education, vocation, mental health services, medical services, family therapy and self-sufficiency.

Every child deserves a fresh beginning

Change your child's life.

A safe, supportive and nurturing environment for youth in New York State

Awixa is here to support the tragically overabundant number of children in the care of New York State, and to help them to master the skills needed to function as productive and happy members of society.

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