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Ten Tenets of the Awixa Home (Tenet- An opinion, doctrine, or principle held as being true by a person or especially by an organization.)


1. In our home, we are always respectful of ourselves, others, our home, our neighbors, and our planet.


2. In our home, we are never accepting of violence be it physical or verbal.


3. In our home, we are always open and willing to receive the services set up for us.


4. In our home, we are never hurtful or abusive toward each other.


5. In our home, we are always supportive of each other's achievements and struggles.


6. In our home, we are always aware that we are a group, but equally aware that we are individuals also, and that each individual may have different goals and needs.  


7. In our home, we are always respectful and accepting of our differences and even recognize that we can learn from those that are unlike us.


8. In our home, we have a common goal of achieving self-sufficiency. We work together on building the skills needed to thrive once we leave this home.


9. In our home, we are never accepting of drug or alcohol use.


10. In our home, we never run away from our problems or our home.



By donating, you could change the life of a child who deserves it

We believe that happiness comes from our own actions, from having a good attitude and a good heart as much as possible. Our philosophy is that our children are deserving of and entitled to normal adolescent experiences in a safe, supportive and home-like environment.


We believe in practicing tolerance. We believe in helping others when we can and when we can't help others, we at least do not harm them. We believe in empathy. We believe the role of the adults is to set firm limits in a caring way without anger, lecture, or threats. We believe that we all have the potential to grow and learn, and we know that we cannot learn without having input in our own lives. Thus we believe in practicing natural and cooperative consequences. (Natural and Cooperative Consequences- a process by which we are all held accountable for our actions.)

- Residents who are in the care of AWIXA have been placed by social services for New York State Office of Children and Family Services.


-  Boys and girls ages 12 - 21

Who will you be helping?

Read about our philosophy and what we strive to instill in the youth

We currently offer 9 beds in our boys house and girls house. With the help of your donations we are able to provide a safe haven and new beginnings for deserving children.

Your donations make a difference

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